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wedding celebration on yacht


Are you dreaming of a wedding celebration as unforgettable as your love story? Look no further than Yachting With Christos, your trusted partner in crafting the perfect yacht wedding party in Miami Beach. We will help you organize an exceptional event, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and your utmost satisfaction. Together, we can arrange a fantastic event that exceeds your expectations.

wedding celebration on yacht

Experience an Unforgettable Yacht Wedding Party

A typical yacht wedding party with Yachting With Christos includes all the essentials: a beautiful, delicious wedding cake, a champagne toast, a Master of Ceremony if required, and a professional crew and captain, ready to deliver the experience of a lifetime. We also offer additional services such as: water skiing, wakesurfing, catering, chef, DJ, bartenders and massage therapists. We also include gas for the tip, base gratuity, water and ice, and water toys so you can enjoy the sun and sea in Miami Beach. With all these amenities, your party will be a memorable event!

The Benefits of Booking with Yachting With Christos

Renting from Yachting With Christos gives you the experience of a Miami yacht wedding with superior benefits. When you rent a yacht for a wedding from our company, you enjoy the following:

No Hidden or Extra Fees
What you see is what you receive with Yachting With Christos, ensuring a transparent, seamless experience that is free of miscellaneous and unexpected fees.

Certified Captains and Crew
We ensure that every yacht rental for weddings leaves with our distinguished, certified captain and crew ready to serve you and your guests for your event.

Price match on Quality vessels

Impeccable Vessel Standards
  Our team at Yachting With Christos maintains every vessel to the highest standard, ensuring cleanliness and functionality for a truly luxurious experience.

Assistance with Event Planning
At Yachting with Christos, our wedding yacht charters come with event planning assistance to ensure a smooth day, so you and your guests have a memorable experience.
Highest Quality Assurance
  When you book a customized package with our team, you will receive the highest quality services and support from planning to the wedding day, making your Miami wedding boat party a success.

And More!

Book a Miami Yacht Wedding with Yachting With Christos

When you rent a yacht for a wedding with Yachting With Christos, you experience a memorable day for you and your guests. Our wedding yacht charters are a guarantee of a great event. Contact us today to begin preparations for your special day on one of our impeccable yachts.


Can we invite our own DJ or photographer?

Of course! However, we provide no equipment, so you must bring your own.

How do you plan a wedding on a yacht? 

Our experienced team will work with you to plan every detail of your yacht wedding, from the ceremony to the menu to your chosen entertainment.

How many guests can you have on a boat?

As per US Coast Guard regulations, a pleasure craft may have up to thirteen passengers on board for a vessel in motion.

Another option is a stationary vessel docked, which can take up to 35, or a third option would be the commercial-style vessel that can take 50-600 guests.