Yachting with Christos

the happy couple aboard the yacht at night

Overnight Yacht Rentals

OVERNIGHT YACHT CHARTER Looking for a fun overnight vacation? It doesn’t get better with an overnight yacht charter experience! Whether you’re taking the family on a memorable get-away trip or holding a team bonding event in a corporate setting, we cover everything you would need for a memorable experience. Enjoy days on the crystal blue […]

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amazing weekly yacht rental experience against the sunset

Weekly Yacht Rentals

BOOK A LUXURY YACHT FOR A WEEK If you’re looking for the experience of a lifetime, why not charter a Luxury Yacht? Renting a yacht for a week can offer you numerous benefits. From relaxing to celebrating to soaking in the sun, weekly yacht rentals are your ticket to enjoying the pinnacle of luxury. When […]

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wedding celebration on yacht

Yacht Rental for Wedding

RENT A YACHT FOR A WEDDING PARTY Are you dreaming of a wedding celebration as unforgettable as your love story? Look no further than Yachting With Christos, your trusted partner in crafting the perfect yacht wedding party in Miami Beach. We will help you organize an exceptional event, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and your […]

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corporate yacht charter service

Corporate Yacht Charters

YACHTING WITH CHRISTOS: YACHT RENTALS FOR CORPORATE EVENTS If you’re looking for a location to hold the next big corporate event, consider a valuable yachting experience! At Yachting with Christos, we specialize in holding professional events that cater to diverse industries and goals—whether you’re looking for a clean space to hold a business meeting or […]

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bachelorette yacht party

Yacht Rental for Bachelorette (Bachelor) Party

PLAN AN UNFORGETTABLE BACHELORETTE YACHT PARTY IN MIAMI BEACH WITH YACHTING WITH CHRISTOS Cruise the stunning Miami waters surrounded by your closest friends. Enjoy the sun and sea breeze on your very own private yacht. Yachting with Christos is your ultimate destination for an unforgettable bachelorette yacht party. Charter a luxurious yacht for a day […]

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yacht birthday party with baloons

Yacht Birthday Party

DISCOVER THE BEST YACHT RENTALS FOR BITHDAYS IN MIAMI BEACH WITH YACHTING WITH CHRISTOS Your birthday is a special day that’s meant to be unforgettable. What better way to celebrate than in luxury? Gather your friends and family for a unique birthday celebration with Yachting with Christos, where you can rent a yacht for an […]

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